The Brig, the Bear and the Waves

Site Work


This 80 sq foot mosaic is created with Italian porcelain tiles, cut into shapes and etched with imagery.  The images and text draw upon the West Seattle peninsula's unique heritage and the specific site of the art.  They depict the following 4 components of the mosaic.

* "Alaska" comes from the Aleut word "alaxsxaq", meaning "that which the sea breaks against".

* The USCS Brig Fauntleroy, was named by Lt. Davidson to honor the father of his fiancé, Ellinor Fauntleroy, as was Fauntleroy Cove and hence Fauntleroy Way SW.      

* The Nisqually called the West Seattle peninsula "me-kwa-mooks", meaning "shaped like a bears' head".                   

* Crossroad - a turning point, a moment of decision. In mythology it may represent  "a location between the worlds". 

These descriptions encircle the outer edge of the mosaic.

The public art is located in the sidewalk plaza at

SW Alaska Street and Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle WA. USA